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Guy Street Park. This was opened as a recreation ground in 1899. It had been a burial ground for Guy’s Hospital who had bought the site in 1789 but closed it in the 1850s. It was then a builder’s yard until 1896 when Bermondsey Vestry and the London County Council bought the site from Guy’s with financial help from other local vestries and the Guinness Trust and the Metropolitan Public Gardens Trust for layout and maintenance. It was then called the Nelson Street Recreation Ground and later Kipling Street Park. It was also previously called Nelson Street. This was Chapel Place, slightly realigned and rebuilt following the London County Council’s changes to the Tabard Street area. BOSTON (AP) – Wynn Resorts’ security chief has left the company after he acknowledged spying on a former employee following allegations of sexual misconduct against company founder Steve Wynn came to light. After studying the attack signatures of several games, PeckShield security engineers concluded that, 1) the hacker accounts were related, and these were organized group attacks, 2) most successful attacks were related to the random number loophole, and 3) similar attacks have become more frequent, and their success rates are improving. That difference alone accounts for a good bit of the losses.

3-5 Richer House. Head office of media and audio equipment retailer. Julian Richer began buying and selling hi-fi separates at school when he was 14 and in 1978, aged 19, he opened his first shop on London Bridge Walk. Beormond Hostel. This was attached to the school and built with it. This opened in 1874 by the London School Board, was remodelled in 1909 and became Laxon Secondary School for Girls in 1951. Laxon Street was a turning off Long Lane, now under Beormond School. It took 20 boys who were pupils at the school. Beormund Primary School. This is a special school for children who have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. St Paul’s National School. Opened as a purpose built facility in 1975. It appears to be partly on the site of what was Laxon Street School. Community facility for the Tabard Estate. Tabard Community Hall. This is also called Hankey Hall. Vicarage. What appears to be the vicarage of St. Stephen’s Church remains on the corner with Tabard Street.

Interesting area on the west side of Dartford town centre which includes numerous remains and places of interest. Buildings for boys and girls schools lay behind the church to the west. This was Charterhouse Girls Club set up in the 1930s. Latterly Charterhouse in Southwark ran this as Arc Nursery until 2009 when was leased to an unrelated charity. In 2008 the charity decided to close here in favour of becoming a grant-giving body. The charity still exists as a body giving grants to sick people in need. This road – although still a public road – is essentially an internal road for Guys Hospital (detailed in the post to the north). According to the latest figures from the Bureau of the Public Debt, the national debt is .6 trillion, of which .3 trillion is held by the public. This is said to be on the approximate site of Meeting House Walk. 7-14 Dolcis House. This was originally the headquarters of Upson’s ‘the great boot provider’.

7-14 SPIE Matthew Hall. It, or its ancillary buildings became used as a billiard hall in the 1920s and were later taken over by the Stansfield Club, part of a Bermondsey youth mission. The building appears originally to have been a mission hall. They now have 53 stores nationwide and online. The site was sold to the Family Mosaic housing association and it is now a housing scheme called the Murano Building Designed by local architect Michael Trentham. Jason McKnight, a bartender at Harrah’s who is participating in Friday’s caravan, worries what will happen if he is called back into work part-time and catches the virus from a guest. Wesleyan Southwark Chapel. The Chapel was built in 1809 and able to seat a congregation of 1,500. It faced onto what was then called Chapel Place. The 1,200 seat theatre opened in 1924 and was run for decades by the West Coast, Fox West Coast and, later, Mann Theatres.

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