Tuning in to sensitive decision-making

Our unique technologies can deliver real-time, lab-accurate data for quick decision-making in the field and on-site.

Living in a sensory world

Mobile, robust, low power, cost-effective – our MEMS-based technologies exist in the fast-growing world of sensors we never see but use everyday.

From billions to trillions:
a big future for smart devices

As more devices connect to the internet with MEMS-based sensors, it makes sense to be smart.

Sensing a world of investment opportunity

Panorama Synergy is at the forefront of the future-oriented MEMS and MEMS-related markets and poised for significant growth.

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Rapid, better detection of threats could save lives of at-risk personnel.

Real-time analysis of soils, crops
and livestock could improve yields and lower production costs.

Real-time information on the production line could improve
plant productivity.

Lab-class sensing in the field
could diagnose lung cancers or melanomas in real time.

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