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Tower Terminal is complete, its popular public lookout windows installed in the tower; NFLA notes this photo as ‘ca.1930′; but, by 1930, the huge General Brock Hotel (which opened Jul.1, 1929) should already have been seen looming in the background from this view, which is looking in a north-westerly direction from the entrance to the Honeymoon Bridge. Therefore, the below photo is likely from some time prior to the autumn of 1928 (seeing as the tree is still in leaf), taken before the steel framework of the General Brock Hotel went up (construction started on the Brock in Jan.1929). Spring of 1928’ photo, but a little closer, as referenced by the streetcar track wye which is seen in both shots. The architects for the Piggott-built Table Rock were Findlay and Foulis, who had not only done a lot of work for the Niagara Parks Commission, but in 1928 they also designed the ‘new’ Oak Hall for Sir Harry Oakes.

In 1927-1928, Findlay and Foulis also designed – and Piggott built – another Loretto convent and school in the then-outskirts of Toronto, near Yonge and Wilson. At both precincts, Sanders was the only viable candidate – and early voters far outnumbered those who showed up to the school. Oakes Garden promenade, on a quiet Sept.11, 2009. The Carillon is seen at the far right in both photos. Honeymoon Bridge. Coming into Canada over the Honeymoon Bridge, a visitor would see the LaFayette standing across the street, just to the left (south); and would see the Queen’s Hotel just to the right (north) of the bridge entrance. Sept.20, 1927 – the Queen’s Hotel stands deserted as construction of the new Terminal Tower transit hub takes place next to it at the right (north) side. Nov.8, 1927 – the Queen’s Hotel was dissassembled and removed in about a month, because the structure was still partially standing on Oct.6, 1927, as was seen by the earlier previous photo. Sept.11, 2009 – this is the same view as above, looking northward, standing with my back facing the river; the old Queen’s Hotel and the Tower Terminal were once located in the area just at the right, where the yellow flowers are.

Queen’s Hotel – the original structure of the Queen’s Hotel still does exist in Niagara Falls – it is now on St.Paul Ave. The placemat ad above states that the Queen’s Hotel was originally built in 1872 by Philip Bender, and was known as the Cliff House. By Nov.29, 1927, the Queen’s Hotel was clearly gone. This photo was most likely taken from either a balcony or window of the neighbouring Lafayette Hotel (see more further below). Date of photo not known. The newly-built curving Falls Ave. can be seen running at the upper left; at the far left, out of frame, would be the front of the General Brock Hotel – which may or may not have been built yet, seeing as the date of this particular photo is not known. Photo date thought to be some time during WWI. Seeing as the Lafayette was demolished in 1934, then at least we can say that this photo is from 1934 or earlier. Sept.11, 2009 – The Hotel LaFayette had stood here at the centre-left of photo, where Oakes Garden now is. Clifton Hotel was destroyed by a massive fire on Dec.31, 1932; the Lafayette is seen at the far right; the General Brock hotel is seen in the center distance.

The Queen’s Hotel had stood next door (at the very bottom of the photo, where the line of cars are) which now seems to be a parking lot. The Queen’s Hotel had stood at the far left, where the parking lot is now seen. The General Brock hotel is in the centre distance. The Piggott construction firm had done a lot of work in Niagara: they had also built the 11-storey, 260-room General Brock hotel in record time: 6 months! Note the Queen’s Hotel at the right, conveniently across from the bridge, on River Rd. The newly-built Terminal Tower, with its lookout windows still not finished, is seen across the street at the right, just north of the now-vacant lot where the Queen’s Hotel had stood a month or so earlier. SaltCreek platinum reels casino is located just seven and a half miles north of Chickasha along Oklahoma Highwaycasset, Okla. With the number of play roulette online sites available, you can’t help but feel lost in deciding which roulette casino could possibly satisfy your thirst for thrill. To play slots for real money, you’ll have to make a deposit.

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