Our Technology

Sensor technologies are well advanced these days and provide a vast range of possibilities to analyse, characterise and quantify. – Often, however, those technologies are not available at the required sample location, because they are either not portable, not rugged, drain battery life too quickly, are too heavy or are not sensitive enough.

As a leading Australian developer of innovative miniature sensors, we enable compact and accurate sensor technologies that can be used in small-sized devices or widely deployed on-site, ready to generate the information needed for smart decisions.

The Panorama P3 Spectrometer (Panorama P3) embodies the company’s core patented MEMs sensor technology. The portable, hand-held prototype device is currently undergoing market-testing in the commercial agricultural sector and is receiving positive responses from agronomists and agriculturalists after in-field demonstrations across Australia and overseas.

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Our two core technologies, the LumiMEMS™ sensor and micro spectometer for spectroscopy, enable high- accuracy sensing capabilities for the field and on-site, and have a broad range of applications across multiple industry sectors. These ‘sensory organs’ are the technologically advanced ‘nose’ (LumiMEMS™), able to sniff out and detect chemicals present in the surrounding area. The micro spectometer is the ‘eye’, capable of seeing and identifying objects by assessing the composition of a sample the light entering the spectrometer has interacted with. These devices are already part of a mobile phone, for example, in cars, console games, drones and many other consumer devices. These technologies provide what we call ‘decision superiority’ in the field. It sets us apart from, and ahead of, several current generation devices, which aren’t compact enough to enable on-the-spot measurements for sensitive detection requirements.

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Everyday, and in so many ways, we circulate in a world of sensors. We do so mainly without knowing it. MEMS, sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) are terms largely unfamiliar to us. Yet, singularly and collectively, individually and commercially, the technology behind these market sectors exists in a multi-billion-dollar landscape of everyday applications and uses, such as smartphones, tablets, cars and gaming. And that’s just the start of it.

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The burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT market), which will make the everyday, inanimate objects we use ‘smart’ through internet connectivity, has a good chance to become the way of the future and is forecast to be valued in trillions of dollars. When it comes to Panorama Synergy’s potential and the future of MEMS sensors, we know it makes sense to be smart.

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We own the world’s most sensitive, precise, miniature sensor science for use in the field. Because of its small size, able to be inserted in hand-held or mobile devices, the technologies we have developed empower users with quick, accurate decision-making abilities in what we call having ‘decision superiority’ in any particular environment. As a company whose technology is at the forefront of the large and growing MEMS and related markets, Panorama Synergy has the potential to become the sensory organs of this ever-broadening landscape.

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