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ICYMI: The No Limit Hold’em “Monster Stack” (,000 GTD) has been in place for well over a month now, but yesterday seemed to be the day it “clicked” with the tournament poker community. The starting stack allows for super deep play throughout the entire tournament (even in the later stages/final table), while the level length assures players that they can make it home at a reasonable hour. The No Limit Hold’em “Big Stack Turbo Bounty” w/ Bounties has a ,000 guaranteed prize pool, and offers deep play once again (with an 18,000 starting stack). Steve McKoy (Birmingham, AL) was just outside the top ten in chips coming into Day 2, but the first two hours of play have seen him climb to the top three. Thomas Gari would have been the main storyline of the tournament, if it wasn’t for the two players behind him. It wouldn’t be until Gyorgy Cseke (Tamarac, FL) in 7th place (), that the remaining players would start discussing a deal.

A total of (27) spots were getting paid, with a min-cash worth , and the posted first place prize sitting at ,132. McKoy is currently sitting with 380,000, and looking to possibly reach a career milestone via this event. GIMME A BREAK! That’s like sitting under a tree raining money and not knowing when it’s going to stop! If you would like to watch this final table on a 30 minute delay, you can view that here. The final ten spots would be paid, and once that point was reached, we had a final table housing numerous Isle Poker Room tournament regulars. David “Coldstone” Inselberg (New York, NY) returned from break as the only player to eclipse the 1,000,000 chip mark, and while he’s lost just a little over the first (20) minutes of Level 21, he still sits with 1,050,000. Inselberg’s name and face may not be familiar to the Florida poker community, but he’s been a successful tournament player for close to ten years up north, and is now a heavy favorite to make a deep run in this tournament.

Rakusa climbs to over 70,000 with the pot, and is the early chip leader in the field. Wolff collected the pot, putting him over 115,000, and making him the clear chip leader early in this flight. Wolff already has three cashes this year, all during the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown, totaling close to ,000. McCarthy’s shove was for just under 10,000, Rakusa’s was close to 50,000, and both players waited while Alan Chernotsky made his decision (big blind). The tournament begins at 12:00pm, and while the (25) minute levels allow players to enjoy a “mid-major” type structure, it also doesn’t keep them in the poker room all night. Between 1918-20, a three stamp issue (1c, 2c, 5c) was released for the Canal Zone with a Type IV overprint. And these people had a lot of money powering their effort, i’m talking state university type funding. A total of of (11) spots were going to the make money in the event, and as the final table played down, things halted with three players remaining. From 12:00pm-11:00pm, qualifying high hands (every 30 minutes) earn the opportunity to spin the “money wheel,” a Wheel Of Fortune-type jackpot maker in the back of the poker room.

While many of the Isle Poker Room “big game” players are experiencing some early success on this Day 2 (McKoy, Ruberto, O’Hara, Cassetta, Amato), one of the more vocal players in the game has just made his tournament exit. That event brought 32 new cards to the game in a new narrative adventure, and those story-focused expansions are one of the ways Hearthstone’s development team has kept players invested in a near 6-year-old game. The probabilities and permutations are dependent on the number of decks of cards being used in a game as well as a few other variables such as dealer’s response to a score of seventeen as well as decisions to hit, stand, double, split and surrender. If McKoy were to win, the ,000 first place prize would put his career earnings over ,000,000, a number that every tournament professional strives for. Durso couldn’t understand why Wolff took so long to make his decision, but you don’t amass career earnings of ,000 by not thinking things through. David Wolff (Sarasota, FL) deep in the tank as Joseph Durso waits patiently. The action at Table 7 was caught on the turn, as David Wolff and Joseph Durso heads-up, in what would turn out to be the largest pot of the flight.

Wolff had Durso covered, but was visibly unsure about his decision. Wolff expressed to the table as he continued thinking about his next move. Club Cal Neva is for great Mega casino – those dead table game areas during the excitement and excluding things like hotel for out-of-town visitors as locals for many years recognize the many years recognize the towers is for great Casino Gambling with .5 million with a 30-ft waterfall highlight the downtown Reno, Nevada casinos at your choice of our economy- priced entertainment show, california indian Casino Resort. Players in the tournament sit down to starting stacks of 12,000 units, and while that may not sound “super-deep,” the (30) minute levels allow for some great play throughout the day (including once the final table is reached). The No Limit Hold’em w/ Bounties tournament has quickly gained steam in terms of popularity with the players, and should see some overflow from players that busted the afternoon tournament in it’s later stages.