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Smaller mill pond lay south of the junction with Paradise Street. Once London Bridge Station had opened in December 1836 use of Spa Road dropped and in 1838 it was closed until 1842. The second station was accessed from Marine Street. When the railway opened in 1836 a ticket office was provided here and purchasers were allowed to walk along the line side ‘boulevard’ to Spa Road station. Railway Bridge. This is an original on the London and Greenwich Railway and it is 53023′ skew and carried the only gradient on the London Bridge side of the railway and this was marked by a distance post. Railway Bridge. The central part of the bridge has two arches; some of the bridge formed by a steel span, and as part of the original London and Greenwich railway would originally have been carried on brick arches. The arched chancel has a painting of the Ascension of Christ by John Wood, 1844. Two pews were reserved for railway employees in 1836. It is now an evangelical church. The line was partially opened as sections were completed and the first stretch opened was from Spa Road to Deptford in February 1836 with hourly trains.

This railway bridge was the first to be built in London, and the oldest that remains operational. The house edge remains the same irrespective of the bet placed by you. The third station was accessed from Priter Road and remains can be seen there. The station was very basic on a narrow space on a two-track viaduct with no buildings of any sort. Fire Engine house. This stood in a corner of the churchyard until the London County Council fire station was built. This was on the corner with Rouel Road and a new block on the site is named for this works which closed in 1899. Bolanachi was a Turk working with chocolate bean growers and with a business originally based in Whitechapel. Bermondsey Spa. The road is named for this 18th which stood where the junction with Rouel Road now is. Boundary of the ancient parishes of Bermondsey and Rotherhithe. Above is a bronze coat of arms of the former Metropolitan Borough of Bermondsey and Rotherhithe. War Memorial. Dedicated to the men of Bermondsey and Rotherhithe who died in the Great War. War memorial 3rd Volunteer Bn.

School. The original St, James National School dating from the 1870s and which are now in a post-Second World War building nearby. It was used by the Government during the Great War sheltering Belgian refugees, and reopened by the Salvation Army in 1925. The boiler house chimney was part of a depot for collecting and sorting salvage which opened in 1899. 150 men were employed here on paper and rag sorting. Salvation Army Men’s Hostel. The complex included a box factory and a hostel for homeless men. In 1971 the Spa Road Complex was established and brought together the hostel, the family service centre, the laundry, and the rehabilitation workshop. I told him this was a very bad idea and that it could eat away at his family the way it did ours growing up but he doesn’t seem to believe me and blames mental illness for the terrible way we grew up.

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