Company Profile

Panorama Synergy is a technology company focused on the commercialisation of two leading-edge developments in sensor technology: microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and MEMS-based spectroscopy (micro spectroscopy).

The Perth-based company listed on the ASX in 2001.

Panorama Synergy’s best-in-class proprietary technology in MEMS sensors provides valuable exposure to the growing multi-billion-dollar MEMS, spectroscopy, sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) markets.

The company owns or has the rights to a valuable suite of technology and intellectual property in MEMS and micro spectroscopy, with around 20 patents filed in Australia, the US and Europe; 10 of them granted.

Panorama Synergy’s current focus is on the commercialisation of two unique sensor technologies – the LumiMEMS™ sensor and the mirco spectrometer.

With numerous applications to a broad range of markets, these technologies firmly position Panorama Synergy at the forefront of the lucrative MEMS, spectroscopy, sensors and IoT markets.

The company has identified its priority markets for the potential application of the technologies, namely food and agriculture, defence, healthcare, medical and industrial process.

With the multi-billion-dollar IoT market set to become the way of the future, in which mundane, everyday objects become increasingly interconnected through the internet to become ‘smart’, the potential application of Panorama Synergy’s technologies in smartphones presents an exciting market opportunity, as the company continues to evolve and expand.

The LumiMEMS™and mirco spectromter technologies were pioneered by scientists at the Microelectronics Research Group based at The University of Western Australia (UWA). Panorama Synergy has partnered with UWA in research activities and continues to engage with the university in testing and new technologies research.