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I’m watching the “Director’s Cut” show, where they recap the week’s events. Of course, it also requires that she coincidentally happened to resemble Lederer’s stepmother, or that Gordon had a brain lapse as to what Lederer’s stepmother looks like. Of course, memory is tricky, and perhaps it did happen as suggested above, and in Gordon’s memory he has accidentally inverted who made the identification. In the twoplustwo thread on this, somebody transcribed part of the discussion, and very specifically quotes Gordon as saying that he’s the one who suggested the identification. In the post-game interview, however, Gordon remain adamant about who he spoke to. I’m impressed that Lederer would have such reliance on his knowledge of the two women in question (particularly his stepmother, who does play casino poker; he was therefore relying solely on the presumption that she would not come to town without calling him) as to disbelieve an incredibly earnest and highly convincing Gordon. Phil Gordon hasn’t had any well-known nickname before now.

So what could possibly have occurred in Phil Gordon’s life that had him 100% certain that he had had a conversation with Lederer’s stepmother the day before, yet be wrong about it? That’s the core of the mystery for me. It doesn’t matter if you’re having the best day or the worst day of your life, you still stand a chance of getting a losing hand every now and again. I have about a 4% chance of it coming, the effect of which is the mathematical equivalent of the poker room having just dropped an extra into the pot. Last night, after his Italian friend had dropped him off near Porcupine, South Dakota, he had covered about four or five miles before settling down to that hot and spicy Italian sausage he had carried in his coat pocket. Gordon has a blog, but he has only posted on it twice in the last year and a half, and there’s nothing there.

In replay, it’s clear that I slightly misremembered what Gordon said in his story of the encounter. At the close of the episode, the fill-in voice-over commentator said that Gordon, now with some egg on his face, could become known as Phil “Back The Truck Up” Gordon. A reasonably plausible suggestion was made by somebody calling himself “badatmath”: “It was probably some lady that had met Phil in a poker tournament or something and when he said “yeah, you’re Howard’s mom! It must also be noted that there is a lot of poker in the film, which isn’t true of many other so-called poker movies. Perhaps he is hoping to find other people that know Lederer’s stepmother and will verify that she was there. With hundreds of videos on everything from live cash games to online tournaments, you’ll find intermediate & advanced material to increase your edge at every table you sit at. And while everyone running table games knows that they can be beaten by progressive betting, they also know that most players ruin their own chances of winning in the long run by getting into games with woefully inadequate bankrolls, and betting a suicidally tight spread.