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At forums and blogs, I saw people complaining about having an old blog and not participating in the WBCOOP while others that created a new one did. I m also halfway through Dusty Schmidt’s “Treat your Poker like a business”, which is a very inspirational book (even more so if you’re having a downswing 😛 ) and it has a lot of good advice about everything related to poker that is not strategy and you normally don’t find in poker books. Of course, when you hook a big northern pike, or muskie, there’s not a lot you can do about the amount of line you pay out. But no matter how many stories you hear, nothing can really prepare a new player for when it happens to them. And of course, we all keep hearing stories of people that run awfully bad and got crushed here and there. This paragraph only concerns a small percentage, I think that most bloggers can actually speak properly instead of just insult, but still I had to put it out there.

Also, if you think something about the event is not right try to say so in a constructive way, so as to help make it better. Thanx Pokerstars for this great event! Pokerstars is not the school principal that will have us grounded when we misbehave. Rather, I will present early Austria – here, the 1850-58 “Coat of Arms” issue, mostly at the level of the Scott catalogue, with occasional forays into Michel, Ferchenbauer, and Austria Netto for parts that interest me. Planning and talking about your upcoming trip will make it more special and will also give you great getaway trips to look forward to! These roads will lead you to the back entrances for most of the Strip hotels and are almost always easier to get around on, although Paradise Road can be slow when a very large convention is in town. For example, if the above game used the hit soft 17 rule, common in Las Vegas Strip casinos, only 5 cells of the table would need to be changed: double on 11 vs. The roulette rules govern the whole game including the roulette table, the roulette ball, placing bets or wagers and Bitcoin Slots. For those coming from games where every infinite minutia had been described and defined to games where there was no skill list, a weapons and gear list that fit on a single side of a page, and the rules themselves were less than a fourth of what other RPGs offers, how was anyone supposed to go from one table to the next and expect the same game?

Unfortunately there was some bad behavior, both on and off the tables. Apart from all the money to be earned at the tables and the leaderboard, the WBCOOP advertised two ways of winning: blogging and tweeting. Anyway, losing really did make me question myself so apart from the days I was sick I also spend another week away from the tables studying. I noticed however, that after a week of study, I tend to use my spreadsheets far less than I did before. The smartest way to get started is to simply create a casino website, and use only original content next to advertisements of your chosen or best paying casinos in la affiliate programs. You’ll note that unlike video poker, I didn’t use the term expected value. WBCOOP 2014? Can’t wait! Be proud of it instead of feeling bad cause others broke the rules. You guys did the right thing by not participating cause your blog was not in compliance with the rules.

I decided right away that twitter was not for me. The first thing that comes to your mind is “Is it variance or am I just a bad player?”. Variance is very hard to handle. The good news is, I’m pretty sure even good winning players ask themselves the same question from time to time when variance catches up with them. And the bad news is, you cannot get a straightforward answer. If you asked me 10 days ago what a hashtag is, I wouldn’t have an answer. A must have for anyone who wants to make a living or have a good additional income out of poker in my opinion. The internet version is a good playing medium for starters because they are not even close to the true gambling pressures and can comfortable play inside their particular space. It made me sad to see once again people blaming the site, the other players, the cards, the VIP status, the weather, basically anything apart from bad luck or their poor play. Oh, and good luck to Liam (@Rubikscube91) for the best tweeter award.

I was pretty impressed with what I read and it did make me feel better to see that even good players happen to get really really unlucky at some point. It definately helps to read the same book more than once cause you might find things that you missed the first time. Many people are hoping to turn things around and get more casinos back into the state. Someone is out to get her, and when more pips turn up at the home of a young man named Oscar Watson, it becomes clear that she isn’t the only target! But still. One day I counted getting kings 5 times out of which the only one I won was when I got a walk. Everytime I had pocket kings I would lose, most of the times being all-in preflop and getting called by worse hands, which means that it was hardly my fault/missplay.