Hydrix is an Australian-based award-winning product engineering company providing world-class design and development capabilities. Hydrix has a proven track record of enhancing lives. To date the team has engineered more than 200 world-first products for clients around the world, primarily within the medical technology sector, all aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of individuals.

Hydrix specialises in the design and development of first of kind, bespoke technology devices. The company offers a comprehensive range of software, mechanical and electronic product design services ranging from concept development through all stages of design engineering to prototyping, manufacturing and certification for global markets.

Hydrix’s range of technical knowledge and skill is unparalleled, built-up over many years and strengthened by the deep and varied experiences of each team member.  This experience covers product development for a range of sectors including but not limited to:

  • Medical Technology
  • Consumer and Industrial (including Mining and Agriculture, Education and, Finance)
  • Critical Systems (including Automotive, Transportation, Defence, Automation, Communications)

Some examples of recent clients and projects:


Cochlear: Helping the deaf regain control of their hearing by designing a wireless audio controller.

Siemens: Helping commuters by designing essential train communications systems.

Micro-X: Helping patients & doctors by designing the world’s-first low power, low cost, fully portable x-ray system.

Sunshine Heart: Helping patients with cardiac failure by designing multiple heart assist systems.

In September 2017 Panorama Synergy acquired Hydrix. This was an exciting development for both companies placing the merged group at the forefront of designing, developing and manufacturing advanced sensor systems and integrated Internet of Things (‘IoT’) communication networks.

Shortly after the acquisition, Hydrix engineered the first field-ready MEMS spectrometer prototype – Panorama P3 Spectrometer for crop testing. This prototype embodies PSY’s core patented MEMS sensor technology and commercial agriculture contracts are now in discussion.

Hydrix will continue to service its Australian and International clients – with no major changes in the way in which they work with clients and operate projects.  Panorama is actively unlocking the considerable value of Hydrix by expanding  its business model from the current services-only approach to include the development of in-house products and licensing of internal IP to deliver enhanced shareholder returns.

Hydrix has been recognised with multiple Australian and international design awards and certifications, a testament to their ability to create industry leading original products with global appeal.